Let’s Watch… Kong: Skull Island

Is this movie any good?

From director Jordan Vogt- Roberts comes a whole new spin on the King Kong story, Kong: Skull Island. It is about a group of people that go to an uncharted island and try to discover it, but the island is not quite what it seems. They discover Kong, a giant gorilla who lives on the island, along with many other different creatures.

The question is though…is it any good?

Kong: Skull Island is good and you should go see it. As you may guess though it obviously isn’t a classic or an Oscar film. This film is a monster movie and it knows it. The acting in it isn’t the best which is surprising considering the cast of Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and John C. Reilly (who gave the best performance). That is forgivable though because if you are going into a movie like this expecting a great performance from actors then you are going into it for the wrong reasons! You should be going into this movie wanting to see a fun “popcorn film” where monsters reign supreme!

The best things about this film by far are the way it looks, and the creatures. Kong: Skull Island is probably my favorite looking movie so far this year. You could compare it to Mad Max: Fury Road from 2 years ago.


The scene where they are going to the island is also the best scene of the film and the best King Kong scene i have seen out of any of the movies.

In conclusion, it is in my personal opinion that you should definitely go see this movie if you want to have a fun time in the theater but that is it. Do not except a ground breaking film, as I’m sure you already wouldn’t be any ways.

My Rating: 8/10

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