Let’s Watch… Ghost in the Shell

The Live Action Remake

I was not expecting to have gone to the midnight showing of Ghost in the Shell (2017), but that is exactly what I did, and it was not worth it!

I don’t know anything about anime, I haven’t seen the original Ghost in the Shell anime or the TV show, so I went into this movie only thinking about THIS movie and not how it could compare to the original. That is how this review will be written… on this movie only!

This movie was kind of a miss for me! I was very curious about the movie from the trailers. It was a fun movie, but there was a lot of things that really got on my nerves. I will start with the things I enjoyed! The cinematography in this movie was, to my surprise, VERY good. There was a lot of slow B-Roll shots that you could almost compare to The Revenant. The framing was also very good. I also thought the technology in this world was interesting and I could honestly see a thousand years from now our world having some of the same.

What I did not like about the movie was practically everything else! First the story wasn’t interesting to me at all! I didn’t care about Major and that is always something filmmakers need to make sure is the first priority, for the audience to care about the main character. Also the dialogue in this movie was horrible. I did not believe a single conversation, they all felt scripted and fake. There were also a lot of one liners that made me laugh out loud at more than one time at serious points of the film.

If you are a fan of the anime version then I think you should go see it because I have heard it does it justice and those people really loved this movie! If you are someone that wants to go see a fun action movie….maybe go see Chips!

My Score: 5/10

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