Movie Suggestion- A Cure For Wellness

Much better than the reviews are saying

A Cure for Wellness is a psychological horror that came out in February. It is directed by Gore Verbinski, the director of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. This was a film that I was extremely curious about leading up to it. I went to the movie without looking at any reviews and absolutely loved it! It is an original story, which is something you don’t see a lot of these days, that kept me on the edge of my seat and the script was very well written. It is about a man that goes to a hospital to get a business associate and bring him back to New York. When he goes to this hospital, or wellness center. Things are very weird and no one is really helping him find the man. He finds out there is some bad stuff going down at the place and he isn’t sure if he can leave.

This is a film that is completely different from anything else that is out there right now. Including all of the other horror films out now. It will make you cringe and feel uncomfortable and those things might throw people off. But A Cure for Wellness is a very special film in my opinion because of the fact that it is so different and so original. As the movie starts you will start to think that it is like Shutter Island, but once the story starts being told it is its own movie!


Another wonderful thing about this film is the cinematography. It is an absolutely beautiful film with great visuals!

If you are going to see A Cure for Wellness you should be aware that it is a film that goes on and on without really telling you anything until the end of the second act into the start of the third and for a lot of people that will make them go mad, for me I really had to praise that. I felt very interested in what was going on during the film even though I was extremely confused, and once I got those answers I was  very satisfied.

I am not going to say anything about the story, other than the fact that you need to be open to what happens at the end. I haven’t seen a movie end in the way this one did for a very long time and at first I really didn’t like it. Then I thought about it and after my second viewing I really appreciated it.

GO SEE A CURE FOR WELLNESS! It is an original film that is being very risky and it really should have gotten more praise then it did. Unfortunately it has a 39% on Rotten Tomatoes and I believe that has caused a lot of people to not want to see it. Be aware though you will see a lot of senior citizens naked. So yeah. Be prepared for that.